tional disease while broken wind is organic. During the attacks of this

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41, had noticed impaired vision for several months, but became

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•prostration we believe develops in the early part of the disease. During

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O. Lkichtenstern, of Cologne. Entire volume edited, with additions, by

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kill, but if Congestion of the Liver is mild, it will make sure of recovery;,

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elegant remedy, both anodyne and antiseptic. It may be applied clear

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Dr. Jas. A. Robertson, of Stratford, and Dr. Wm. Spankie,

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further, the medical and sanitary interests involved are, with few ex-

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Surgery 3. Clinical Clerk Service at the Massachusetts General Hospi-

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the Hospital is used throughout the year for teaching both students and

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in red blood corpuscles and albumen, and nearly as thin as water, and

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illustrations are exceptionally good, both from the standpoint

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weeks, usually the acute form. Chronic Glanders may exist for years

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nor are they so complicated or severe. There are a great many varieties

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the cause is congestion — we have violent active congestion, and possibly

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The thirty-first annual meeting of the Mississippi Valley

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the ulna is not displaced backwards or in- {reached 982, out of 1,823 sick. In Ystad,

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of the city of Toronto, here assembled, it would be a crime

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vertel)rates, and practice in the use of the microscope and in microscopic technique.

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at any rate the true diphtheritic type; in fact, during my

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faction of' the duodenum, or lining of the duct that empties into it. The

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The work will consist of personal instruction in the use of the ophthal-

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Under two circumstances only is the :" leucorrhoea infantilis?" These are medi-

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Etiology. — The' inflammation attending the cutting of the teeth often

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demonstrations, with tests, review exercises, and quizzes as required. A

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experiencein the actual treatment of typhoid tific Committees.

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close. If the flow of blood be very great, ! being, for some reason or other, prevented