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STOCK and Dr. A. Kovvarsky, of Berlin. Translated by Thew \^'RIGHT,

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(c) Mus musculus Linn., the common mouse. This resembles M.

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(a) Fifteen demonstrations and laboratory exercises on the pathology of

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A Punctured Wound is 'one made with a pointed instrument: (Stab. )

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if at the beginning of Ms second year he has failed on all of the practical

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All the cases are progressing favourably. ' malignant character, but of very slow for-

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order to secure for Anatomy, Pathology, and the various clinical subjects,

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Therapeutically, the use of Cresylone has been suggested in

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Augustus Thorndike, M.D., Instructor in Orthopedics.

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vious, therefore, that if the present endowment of $25,000

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Chicago. Octavo, 816 pages, illustrated. Philadelphia and London :

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accidental hemorrhage, which is not concealed, the well-known

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of the South Department of the Boston City Hospital, at the Children's

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early stage. _ During convalescence and throughout, give quinine; tonics

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necessary if the eye were abnormal ; rabbits killed ; globe and

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supervise the work of the rat catchers, assist in the house-to-house clean-

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specimens at any time upon ajjplication to the Curator.

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of the Faculty of Medicine, and Ass^stant in tke Theory^^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^

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and lymphatic enlargement are always present and the former may be

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feeling of antagonism toward any medical men, nor because the

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various major and minor procedures are demonstrated. Students who

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