small-pox wards, the latter patients occupying the old frame
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receive instruction and will be examined from time to time in the per-
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cold. Tannic acid 1 dr., glycerine 2 oz., water to make a pint; apply
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faithful brother by lessening his prestige and income, without
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fifth rib. The urine: 30 ounces in 24 hours, specific gravity 1019, a
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animals. Each disease taken up will be studied as far as possible in the
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in those coming from the city of Manila proper, in both of which
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I would be soriy to see any man so narrow as to confine
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Dr. Bonnell, of Bobcaygeon, a graduate of Victoria in 1866,
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* Arr;iiiK'"<l '>" tl"' '•ii'^i'* <)i'c()llcfji!itc sciiioi'ity.
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to any particular disease: special refers to individual diseases.
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the highest sense of the word, he was a most estimable man,
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tropical pathology, tropical bacteriology, and clinical laboratory work,
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Collateral Reading. — Adami, Principles of Pathology. Aschoff,
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cut off our hospital facilities or not?" asked Dr. Fraser.
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ply it; occasionally, but rarely, nerve fibres extend into it. Asa rule,
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the severe epidemic in St. Catharines in 1876, and have treated
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the bile and pancreatic juice, and thereby, by the process of chylification,
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is upon the man who believes that cholera has disappeared. The great
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the Theory and Practice of Physic, 252 Marlborough St.
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j^ow what do we know, or what can we find out, concerning
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hands, would be to clip and trim and shape into at least some
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experience. I count this part of the plati of treatment in
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both. You might test the urine every day for a week and not find any
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Dr. Sheard then moved " that in the opinion of this meeting;
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mata and any other contagious diseases which happen to be in the hospital.
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women are liable to abort and die. Judging from the cases here re-
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weakness of the whole nervous system can be due to this cause;
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Fellowships and Scholarships available in other Departments of
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vice at the Haymarket Square Relief Station, balf-courses, all day, for
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continued it ma}' be continued, indefinitely and grow worse, with an un-
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Frenchman wrote a long article on it, but in 1840 another Frenchman
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The pulse weakens and quickens and it may become dicrotic ; the first heart
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EUGENE L. PORTER, Yn.J)., Research Felloiv in Phys-
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Students may elect work in any field of physiology. It is to be pre-
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The two following descriptions refer to cases of perforation of the
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with the soap, and the smooth, elastic condition of the skin secured by using
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very marked, and pain causes the patient often to moan. The abdomen is par-
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Dr. P. H. Bright, formerly of Wiarton, has removed to
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judgment, a sufficient sum shall have been !cle, where the liveliness of his manner, his