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backing out of stall or, turn in stall. Lacks' complete power of co-ordina-

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increases and the temperature falls below normal; as it runs on, the lin-

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Dermatology 2. Quarter-courses, forenoons, November, January, and

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of its peculiar bitter resin, and j pressed oils used in medicine, must be

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zinc, or bichlo. mercury — anything that will cauterize mildly to destroy

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happen to be in the hospital. According as the opportunity arises, the

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5. Describe a typical case of intestinal indigestion of the fermental

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there are shooting pains in the legs, also in the back; in the human,

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and lectures. The basis of the laboratory work is the systematic course

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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year course offered in

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most important facts in the various divisions of the subject. Physiological

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the 4th stage, that is the only difference you get, from red to gray

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George B. Magrath, M.D., Instructor in Legal Medicine

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Vail, Ramon Montgomery, ph.b. (Yale Univ.) 1914, Thompson ville. Conn.

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always a six-legged, larval Trombidium, the adult form being unknown.

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Weld, Stanley Burnham, a.b. {Dartmouth Coll.) 1912,

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killen, for the County of Lambton ; Dr. W. J. McCollum, for the

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nervous system: its main benefit is in its irritability and .sensibility. The

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Texas fever has its home in the red corpuscles and leaves the blood

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Hospital, and are chiefly clinical in character. In addition to the routine

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Ames, Forrest Bertram, a.b. {Univ. of Maine) 1913, Bangor, Me.

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and opportunity to do outside work of various kinds in the city.

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the sthenic form there is a tendency to ran down into the lungs. The

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like sticks, limbs stiff and straddled, locomotion very difficult, no elastic

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weakening the power of the muscular coat , to the internal parts, or vice versa. Either

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In closing his report Todd says: "Reviewing the work which has been published

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Edavard p. Phelps, S.M., Austin Teaching Fellow in Biological Chem-

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the day of his admission into the hospital toj salts with saline aperients.* In the common

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Jose P. Bill, A.B., Assistant in Preventive 3fedicine and Hygiene.