As regards temperature— it may be two or three degrees

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situations the elevation of the land is very little above that of the sea

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finding the ova in the faeces. In most of the cases they were also found

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the week will be an important feature of the course. The student will

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they sometimes recover, due to the nursing thej'-get; but young animals

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organs. During the remainder of the course the organs of the adult are

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steam from this, and then cool off. If that doesn't do, then try lotion of

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advance, in which case both periodicals are sent by mail free of postage to the sub-

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where the distension decidedly affected the > carefully examine externally the whole of

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physician who first sees the case to ask for a consultation with,

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Jfben the horse will go four or five days without eating, then find out

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Osier states that there is no disease, not excepting rheuma-

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.n^Tf^^ WiGGLEswoRTH SCHOLARSHIP, with an iucomc of two hundred

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for the profession a most cordial and hearty welcome."

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the urgent needs of meritorious students in the payment of term-bills or

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or a band of false membrane, these signs the obstruction is situated in the rectum, be-

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Channing Frothingham, Jr., M.D., Instructor in Medicine.

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comes from the difficulty of the operation, difficulty in finding

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undertake such work. Thus graduates in medicine, both of remote and

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This patient was treated at first with small i For these, and for the abdominal pain, which

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young men, the better to fit them to discharge their duty as

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bicarbonate soda for every case and every time; we believe this to be a

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, from recogmzed medical schools, certain courses in the scientific subjects

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lsemia, . and the nervous system leading' to the localized emphysema

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Director of the Summer School of Medicine, 78 Marlborough St.

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given to the students in groups at certain State institutions.

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If a severe fever remains with the horse for thirty-six hours a more or

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Rapid Dilatation of the Cervical Canal and the Choice of

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Simple astigmatism of a small aanount, or a small grade of

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or where serious complications arise, it is the fault of the

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4. What factors govern the dosage of antitoxin in diphtheria and

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character before he is allowed to begin practice. And now see