*RvrL Klin. Wvhiwch. <l!M>2). 39, SStf. 018.; ibid. (1«><>3), 40, 21, 57, 982.
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this sometimes follows Castration; anything that prevents him with-
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of the ovary. In each case the uterus was in s:ood position
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for the C. P. sulphocarbolates for the latter purpose.
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The James A. Rumrtll Scholarship ; with an income at present of
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Guaranteed equal in Ferrous Carbonate to freshly prepared Blaud Pills, with
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witness to a considerable extent, in order ^' violent friction by a man against the private
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shall be recommended by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Candidates
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tation as a cause; eye-strain was associated in two cases, and
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affected with particular diseases— publicly offering
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there will be evidences of labored breathing; usually, rapid emaciation,
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bactericidal action, and the guaiacol "t<> combine
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is greatly influenced by even such a slight amount. When we correct
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parathyroids, and not by the thyroids, as Kishi supposes. !Kor
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New Hampshire Journ. Med. July, 1853. ; , A i , , , r - ■
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The per cent of mortal^ is less in the horse than in man — about ninety
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siderable itching and general distress accompanying the sore. The ani-
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{In some cases aspirin has a distinctly depressent effect and
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ment regarding the importance of animal parasites as factors in deter-
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it is well to break a raw egg in the mouth three times a day for a six
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Paper (title to be announced) — Dr. H. A. Bruce, Toronto.
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Spanish designation, which to my mind is evidence that cholera was
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students, A. T. Spankie, Wolfe Island, and M. J. O. Walker,
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The British edition of the present volume is admirable in
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of the peritoneum, and Intestinal Fistula. Peritonitis, by the contents
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abdomen and legs, and about the anus. General glandular enlargement is pres-
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from the female sex. There are ladies who are proud to boast
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For the treatment of the cough use camphor, belladonna, glycyrr-
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at one time a stethoscope which was extensively copied by in-
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Statistics of the Weather and Mortality in Pfiiladtlphia for the year 1852.
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month, December, January, April and May. Dr. G. H. Monks and
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Medicine and of Arts and Sciences, who are to recommend candidates for
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scribed Forms of Acute Maniacal Disease." the types or symptoms of the disease de-
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inviting the attention of the profession to | part gratify, while the more youthful among
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man, which Dr. Bell made a ground of ob- ; existence. He protested against any such
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at autopsy. In this connection, the reader is referred to earlier publications of