KURT H. THOMA, U.M.T>., Assistant in Dental Anat-
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more than thirty special demonstrations. These exercises, some of which
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cilman, M.D., and Theobald Smith, M.D., for the Harvard Medical School,
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and tight plugging of the vagina, powerful and useful adjuncts.
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hospitals are being or have been constructed on the grounds adjacent to the
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^»sto„ City Hosmtal Lie 1 "''/' ™° "' "^" ^™* department of the '
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Exercises in sections. Drs. Joslin (B.C.H.), Badger and Palfrey
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In conclusion, then, it may be justifiable to state that, it appears highly
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while the body at large is one in which senile change is far
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specimens. A lecture with stereopticon demonstrations is given daily at
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tion, whether as spores ox as encysted or vegetative parasites, probably
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The risk of allowing a patient up too early is demonstrated
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ordinary media; nutrient broth remains alkaline as far as my observation
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posed new Asylum for the Insane of the Hospital, Mr. Niernsee, the architect of the
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The amount of time devoted to laboratory exercises is approximately
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henique are probably the best. As a rule, treatment is useless when
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one hundred and sixty hours. Each student is required to preserve a
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future. Universities, like parents, are glorified or di?graced
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tion of their contemporaries to improve the vj. Warm poultice to the abdomen, and six
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three hundred. In connection with it is a maternity department with an
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for the maintenance of a scholarship in the Medical School; and the
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Dr. George P. Sylvester, of Toronto, for Toronto; Dr. John
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malignant inflammation may set in, which may cause death. If you
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chanical Dentistry; and D. B. Whipple, j above all, change of air. He had used the
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with in death following injuries of various sorts, and in sudden death, in
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subsides, but it leaves more or less enlargement of the leg, due to the,
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2. Dyspareunia: most frequent causes ? In what ways may a
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hundred and twenty-five dollars for each year (if in two payments, at the
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ner to permit a large admixture of atmo- the purpose of reviving her.
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Second Year. — In the afternoons during December, Professor South-
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position, but its common history is that in from five to twelve days,
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William T. Porter, M.D., LL.D., Professor oj Comparative Physi-
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and the records show that there has been no lack of opportunity
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congested the other organs are similarly congested, the lungs more par- ,
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Therapeutics. — President : Professor David W. Finlay, M.D.,
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t TIk' iidilrcss is Hosloii, unless ollicrvvisc sliitcil.
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ters, whether it manifests itself in patients { of London, and by trade a glasscutter. He