It is a well-known fact that certain races have adopted peculiar practices

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centimeter) contained 0.5 milligram of bacteria by weight. Each test

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Its use in this complaint is not novel. In) hospital is mist, ferri acid, ^iij ter die, and

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Office, Administration Building, Medical School. Office hours, Fri-

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A. L. Russell, A. B. Sutton, J. B. Stallwood, C. E. Spence, F. J.

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by a carromata shortly before she died. Body of a well-developed, young, native

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It may occur in any of the animals, and as a rule is due to either

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not mentioned arc wanting; but as omissions, intentional or not, may occur, state them

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withers, caused by the pus burroughing down to the bone. When there

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that the lesion was a chancre. We all three met that afternoon

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3. Write graphic formulas of uric acid, allantoin, oleic acid, tyrosin

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1898 (p. 157), mentions three surgical methods of dealing

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to effect a cure by other treatment, some of our graduates effected a cure

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runs on to 4 or 6 days, or to 5 or 6 weeks. Sometimes the urine contains

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and is then let run on, the poison may become absorbed and produce

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move everthing connected with abortion -placenta, fo-tus, and juices, and

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M.D.. Instructor in Medicine, is Physician in charge of the Hospital, and

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great tumefaction, to scarify it and then use hot water, which causes

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reported last month remains under care. ', , ■ i i .. u r . ■ j

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point, that is, the object is never accurately focussed. Hence

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This course is given in the pathological laboratory of the Massachusetts

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1. Name the organ, the plane of section, and the staining of the sections

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All unsuccessful dissertations are deposited with the Secretary, from

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These libraries are open daily and contain about 23,900 volumes, 34,000

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amend the code so as to expedite the prosecution of Christian

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his means, to the standard which prevails in other cities. A list of

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be given annually as a scholarship to a deserving student in the Medical

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Harvey himself, but surely the spirit and the teaching which

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communicated to the rest of the herd. In chronic cases the contents of

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the hide with your scalpel, close to the anterior border of the 9th rib;

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but only 98 men were examined. Grechaninoff (1890) found this parasite in

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edly delirious, even in the periods of stupor, therefore it is dangerous to

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University, or for which it is responsible. Blank forms of bonds may b(

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An innamm-tion of the mucous lining in the lafynx. When it