Lectures, Demonstrations, and Clinical exercises. Professor Putnam, and

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tory and practical work in the branches already pursued by the class to

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ble, the edges of the incision were brought ; Bennett's patient, in St. Thomas's Hospi-

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?'°'"ftfnrr";rr the hest 'thesis showing original work on an

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Mary MacKenzie, Alexander W. Miller, B. A, (St. F. X.) ; James

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has a capacity of sixty-four beds. Operations are performed on Tues-

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greater advantage than he can when his attention is divided among several

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spleen, the pancreas, the kidneys and the intestines, we readily

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seasons is as high as thirty-three and one third per cent, other seasons

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David Williams Cheevkr Scholarship, with an income of two

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thrax carcass; and the same way by stings of bees and other insects. Tl

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of bacteria through the soft, spongy faucial tonsils ? Clinical

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the enlarged hepatic veins, the lighter ones correspond to the ramifica-

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very moderate price, the cream of all the medical literature

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The Warren Anatomical Museum was founded in 1847 by John Collins

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The contagious are usually classified as Exogenous, and non-contagious,

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ment of the pulmonary blood vessels, and, as in. all bad cases of conge;

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into controlling consciousness. The physician, by the way,

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histological and embryological laboratories. In the study of gross anatomy,

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Ho«-.HO T kIks^;^ M;, 7 f^''''■^"*"'"''■^^«'^°'<'^2'■

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The Boylston Medical Committee is appointed by the President and

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Therapeutically, the use of Cresylone has been suggested in

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to M. Thierry. He passed a leaden thread J and now the eff'usion following such injec-

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tism; we find this in the disease following Influenza in from two to six

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Malarial diseases, chronic — vegetable alteratives

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This forcing out of the blood vessels of the white blood corpuscles

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ache and diminished vision as due to a i*efractive error.

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The courses will be given under the supervision of Professor Sears.

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of bacteria in^ted by each ''pol™'',ear^ :„:™;tTis"c:;c,r

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Dr. Forbes E. Godfrey, of Mimico; Dr. T. H. Kobinson, of

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last four weeks of a half-year for no misdemeanor, but for good and suffl-