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loms of strangulation, which had previous- 5 bone. The dura mater was not itijured.
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Third K«r.- Instruction is given by lectures, recitations, conferences
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here, calling in the police there, doing many things which they
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means of preserving and producing fish em- 1 Opldhalmological GimcracJcs. — Professor
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X varies according to the kind of bacilli, while the relation between the
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approval of the Committee. If published Avith the approval of the Com-
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Otology 2. Otoscopy and Diagnosis. Drs. I). H. Walker and A. M.
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No student may select a fourth-year elective, covering a subject still
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all parts of the United States and the Provinces, and are visited by tl
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ariable length of time, from one half to two or three minutes; then the
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The heart's apex is in the fifth space, one inch outside the nipple. A
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thirty years engaged in private nursing and been welcomed as
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immunity, vaccination, the transmission of the communicable diseases
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the action of a rapidly lowered temperature or other meteorological influ-
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for laboratory purposes. The administration building contains the neces-
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George V Cring, s.b. {Earlham Coll.) 1906, a.b. {Univ. of Michigan)
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8 feedings of 3 ounces of a mixture of equal parts of whole milk and
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merits of the paper, and upon the generalj casual visits and divided attention of a watch-
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In the Medico- Chirurgical Transactions, J subject is Mr. Kesteven, of London, who,
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taken from the operating room and by drawing from microscopical sec-
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backward or downward displacement in which there are no
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private, or a private ward patient should be allowed to choose
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aware that the watchman passed through | Dr Jarvis had used injections of tepid
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iibrous tissue, which drew down the angle of the mouth, caus-
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tion, and if there is a personal and selfish interest, I say it lies
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EDWIN A. LOCKE, M.D., Instructor in Medicine, 311 Beacon St.
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all the hospitals of the city, with the exception of the Sick
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man; pain comes on gradually , in the course of a few hours comes on rapidly ;
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a 'cure ' and then advertise it, spending in one instance which
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Noble, of Toronto, for Toronto; Dr. Wm. J. Anderson, of