,; • includes stings or bites of insects, frost bites, chilblains, scalding by fire
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one thousand visits were made by patients at this institution during the
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Clinical lectures. Asst. Professor Taylor. (M.G.H.) Once a
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Channing Frothingham, Jr., M.D., Instructor in Medicine.
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and treatment. Operations and the after-care of major operative cases
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for in the wards of the hospital, and one hundred and ninety-six patients
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2. Laboratory work. — Complete examination of the water and milk
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strance and protest of his physician, he in- E. P. Gaines, and Geo. A. Ketchum.
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I Richard Augustine Rochford, a.b. (Holy Cross Coll.) 1910.
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The kidneys, bronchi, and lungs, are those J patients affected with epidemic diseases re-
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James Gordon Gumming, m.ph. (Univ. of Wisconsin) 1903, m.d. (ibid.)
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matory; third, effusion. It never arises from simple exposure. In case
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loud hollow sound heard when the muscles are paralyzed on the left side
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Laboratory work. Professor Southard and assistants. Two hours daily,
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appetite and insomnia. Family history showed that two sisters
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no pelvic contraction, indeed all previous labors had been normal.
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Samuel W. Ellsworth, M.D., Assistant in Roentgenology.
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AVhen I Avas a student, Tanner, the Apostle of Expectancy,
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" My attention has been directed to a letter in Tlie Globe of
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eleven years in 465 cases, ventro-suspension of the uterus has
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drops, niamnut become congested, vulva swells, labor pains are those of
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Instruction is given throughout the academic year, October to June. '
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by which they will not advertise or call attention to their learn-
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a study of chick embryos of 30 and 48 hours and pig embryos of 20 days,
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of the accused persons defended. I think > notice of our readers, not merely as a warn-
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In rheumatic and enteric hy]:)erpyrexia the effect of the
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tologies. It is probable that the peculiar symptoms are due to
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The course is limited to ten men. Students must see the instructor in
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eral opening, syringe it out with antiseptic and add antiseptic to the
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O. Lkichtenstern, of Cologne. Entire volume edited, with additions, by
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and experimentfll <5n7-n-o,.,r -p ^ -, ""^s^^iy, surgery o± children,
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of the lectures being rather to expand and coordinate the knowledge