Dr. Cain stated that Dr. BoHing, of; student and practitioner of medicine, and

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not always be determined, possibly because the first symptoms of the

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(1 hr.). Syphilis (1 hr.), Neurology (1 hr.), Psychiatry (1 hr.). Ophthal-

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Miss I. W. Mason is Matron and Superintendent of the Hospital.

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'ledical School buildings. There are in all two hundred beds, and

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consider surgery is come to that condition ; own sight at least, in saying so, because

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ination at the end of his course, or upon all combined. The mark assigned

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to the reader of the following extract:-^ ( petirions against it may be sent from every

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fessional Schools of the Uniyersity • the Descriptive Pam-

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accommodation, and leave the east end without any. It is a

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Nguyen van Ky (Case VI), who was in the fifth day of his experimental disease.

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.' good to bind on an ice poultice; put the ice in a rubber bag with sawdust

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•is a well-marked constitutional disturbance, the fever may be as; high as

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pare the student for the required two months' "dresser" service in the

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Incised Wound is one made with a sharp instrument — a cut.

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limb, and about si.x years afterwards com- \ the following preamble and resolutions : —

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damaged arteries, and an abnormal heart, are precedent con-

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, J , 1 ij u J •.. J Its extreme coldness, the average tempera-

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the Committee will debar such dissertation from com^petition.

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or Russian Cattle Plague. The germ has not yet been discovered. The '

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of the ear, in making hearing tests and in the determination of disturb-

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5. What would be your treatment of a bad felon of the thumb of

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In conclusion, we believe that the most valuable practical lesson to

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applied more slowly than in -ither of the other two cases

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high, who was perfectly free from disease, j rape, except: 1. When the accused party

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usual features of lead colic. The pain in the ) following his occupation as a gas-fitter be-

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involved it may run into the third stage in about a week or ten days. In

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on a space about four inches wide. In case you find the dyspncea very

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year in work upon a special subject, approved by the Committee on the

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months old puppy, to keep up his strength; that will also loosen the

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had no evacuation from the bowels for days, ; the peritoneum. Sometimes the pain is ac-

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opic astigmatism of a small amount. I could easily make

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slimy matter, and the vomiting continued at | in large quantity ; after these evacuations,

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Will you allow me to say one word of warning before I

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(a) Name several ways in whicli pyramidal tract disease may be pro-

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