horse the food remains but a short time in the stomach, and so the horse '
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revealed absolutely no change in the homogeneity of the suspensions of
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During this period the medical supply reached its lowest ebb,
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ifhe number will, however, probably be soon increased. The material of
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is always an element of danger. Lastly, if an operation has not
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ever originated in a single cause. The very essence of the
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It is to be awarded to a needy student who shall liave proven himself
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ing as are needed for the persons so detained, and having thus provided
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50 per cent, of cresylic acid, and forms clear solutions with
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The scholarship is to be awarded to a young man whose financial resources
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the Hospital is used throughout the year for teaching both students and
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but there is no discharge from the nose.- In acute case of Farcy, Gland-
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ach or bowels is a functional derangement of the liver, due to some ex-
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facilities for the special study of cases by students taking elective courses.
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kept it up uninterruptedly for four months before I could get
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Hospital, Mr. Solly removed by operation; unusually large one — by Mr. Shaw, in the
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nity against another. Probably a temporary immunity is always pro-
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use. William T. Bovie, M.D., is Research Fellow in Physics ; Clarence C.
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What would you advise in this case ? Please give your reasons for
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Ebstein, in 1890, declared that it was not possible during life
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In painting the clinical picture it would mar my scheme to
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pathology ; (i) attendance at post-mortem examinations, and the fixation
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$60 must be paid on or before January 31st. The graduation fee of $20
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In case of hypersesthesia of the genital organs during copulation,
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contained in any of the dissertations to which premiums may be
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L. Salinger, M.D. With two colored plates and sixty illustrations in the
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followin<j : — j vitaiion was accepted, and to-day, at one
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animal; but it usually interferes with the circulation, and they don't liv<
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three fellowships of five thousand dollars each "in memory of three
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and pack the bitten part with aqua solution of ammonia, not quite strong
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of these reports are read at the conferences and discussed by the class
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Netter observes that "the eruptions in typhus fever are not constant; their
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Case III. — Necropsy No. 1004** Sra. M. ft., Filipina, age, 25, died July 17,
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can confine it to the throat, and not let it run to the lungs, and even
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discovered some again, thousands were found affected and destroyed.
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months or some years the patient is struck down by pulmonary