the requirement of one thousand hours of work demanded in the fourth

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usual way. The great danger is when you let him up; if he strains, give

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death. The nerves presiding over the vital organs have their origin in

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Ulceration op the Cornea. — Is liable to occur in case of any

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at the Prison, or would be confirmed by the institution of a similar

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Clinical exercises in surgical wards in sections. Professor Richardson,

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ajid in Medicine in 1889, from Queen's University. He has

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a general practitioner, and also suitable courses for those who intend to

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Would all patients who go into a public ward, asked Dr.

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and in quarters, and for this purpose the^male and female needles should

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our experimentalists, to manufacture statis- thic Hospital of Vienna, and the average

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so the more a new light broke upon them, j disease lies and has its origin in the gangli-

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The Boston Medical Library, No. 8 The Fenway, contains about 69,000

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you can do so; make an incision through the center and dissect it out in

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and I.H.) Each student attends tv)enty-one exercises during the

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Baker, Horace Mitchell, s.b. {Mass. Agricultural Coll.)

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of virulent blood; it sickened with cattle plague three days later and was bled

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, to its getting lodged in the sinuses for a time, then a fresh _ discharge

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any one of these hospitals who has a personal interest in it.

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Lectures. Asst. Professor Crockett. (H.M.S.) Every other week,

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lirious, become pugnacious, and want to fight everything — even im-

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Successful Case of Ctesarian Section. — hours in labour; and stated that, on the

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less will you see all sides of it. Herein lies the danger of

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cussion of the specimens studied. The methods of making graphic and

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take some urine in a test tube and dip into it litmus paper; if it is alka-

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two kinds— Valvular Obstruction and Valvular Insufficiency. These are

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tried in Dublin. By William R. Wilde, i excoriatiOns, such as those children pre-

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Assisted by J. Williams Lord. A. P>.. M. D., Lee

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Necrosis sometimes suddenly develop from external injuries to the bone,

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elective is necessarily prolonged beyond the time elected for that subject,

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Graduate Courses. — For a description of the graduate courses offered

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