Treatment. — The fever seems to run the same as in Purpura

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horse cannot vomit, but from experience we know that, although the

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radical cure had been effected. •; themselves seriously unwell, and having a

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a certain number of drawings suitable for reproduction will be required.

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formed in combination with other procedures, does relieve the

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increased so successfully and regularly as that of the first.

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This course will be given at the Free Hospital for Women by Professor

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hemorrhage is extensive, because it is due to the rupture of

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bchussler, Hermann, Jr., s.B. (Univ. of California) 1914,

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making careful quantitative determinations is desirable. In case the stu-

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i Cause of Death. — First, secondary hemorrhage; second, blood poison-

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come darker. Eater on there is a thin mucous discharge from the mu-

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r ■ ■ i M. D., of Pennsylvania, Chairman, Worth-

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lessens with age; he kept this broth at a temperature of forty- two 1

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abandoned because the mains would immediately be reinfected. It is

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get Pneumonia in any form, consequently never get hepatization; but in-

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claim the best that is in him. Let politics be your hobby, if

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result but for the obstruction to respiration which its presence

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surgeons, on four days in the week. Operations are numerous, and are

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Cystic Calculus. — Is when there is one well-formed stone; when

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to chloroform for personal reasons. This long antedated the

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to neyer have any such troubles, but the third stomach, called, the omas-

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offers the student opportunity to make thorough study of selected medical

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because it is not so violent a stimulant as alcohol. The force of

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place those with more general bearing first, and those with special interest

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As to the mydriatics used, two are the favorites, viz.,

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Lectures and demonstrations in the use of the Roentgen Ray will be

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radium and radioactive substances, and their preparation for therapeutic

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imported their true constituents, and in : 1. That cancerous affections, particularly

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Pearson Oliver, M.D. 1871, to be awarded "to such needy and deserving