horse must be examined once a week at the expense of the owner
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was beyond that age at which it is custom- / although there was not any sinus or fistula,
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time, except in so far as required by the School curriculum.
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on the risht side, in a state of fatty degene- jdays; nothing remarkable occurred during
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Total Students Oct. 1, 1911. to Oct. 1, 1912 . . ~^
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jections of alcoholic stimulants, friction to body, and mustard plasters
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tight box wagon and taken to the tannery. If a herd is quarantined,
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fraternalists. This is an example of what has so frequently
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Local Entertainments Sub-Committee. — Chairman : Dr. H.
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Section teaching at the Hospitals. Genito-Urinary Surgery. Each stu-
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no Consumption, and where cattle are most plentiful Consumption is
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more than fifty years connected with the Pree Hospital in.
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ficiently far to indicate with fair certainty than not less than 80 per
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This is carried out by a European officer assisted by eight colored fore-
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trouble is valued by their patients far more than their thera-
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what will be the fate of many of our re- ! nishes five, Pennsylvania four, Tennessee
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mon, and quite so in the human, not so much so in the lower animals,
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lation fee and the instruction fee (if in two payments, the first instalment
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permit some gradual motion, in order that a ; entered the Royal Free Hospital, where va-
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doses. The following- is the mixture recommended by prof. Robertson, .v|
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turned, and was relieved in a similar manner. < this hospital. During his convalescence
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the fifth rib was evidently driven into the wall of the left ventricle, producing
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Semeiology. — When it occurs in milk-cows after calving, may devel-
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device, and must be accompanied by a sealed packet bearing the samei
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specimens, from the European War, showing the effects of bullet wounds
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Disease oe the Heart. — Is not common in the horse, but when it
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before, and altogether we form a small colony of our own.
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factorily. Enough has been said to prove that there is abso-
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—In the Archives Generales de Medecine, i , ,, £;?• i''^/ f^:»- ^v ^- f'-'?- i'-»- «■»•
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models of bones, organs, and various parts of the body, and frozen
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and he succeeded in altering its position ; Mion of new bone, the result of injury or dis-