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This course will be practical and will cover methods of obtaining and

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' ing good; the driver speeds him for three miles or so, the horse is sweating

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Serum gives a positive Wassermann reaction. Examination of the

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patient may die in spite of the fair promise of the early symptoms.

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the helm and his disciple plied the oars. When well on our

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liams has been one of the best supporters of the Conservative

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Medicine ; that is to say, to special students and to students in other

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with in death following injuries of various sorts, and in sudden death, in

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Laboratory work. Six and one-half hours Jive times a week. 520

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part of the cord, while the sensory- run through the center — -this is the

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such service for the citizen body a reasonable one ? Is the

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be used; then after removing, sear or cauterize with hot iron, lunar

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this kind of change the heart becomes very weak, the muscular fibres

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the same course, each crop lasting two or three days. This blis-

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soothing lotion, as olive oil with a little carbolic acid, and add to this a

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III. Physiological Conference. Professor Porter. Demonstrations

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is none handy let him take his time; take off the harness and give plenty

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facility for research which the laboratory affords.

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done under the supervision of the department and of the hospital staff on

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poisoning that has taken place. We find that very soon after the acci-

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occur with any kind of strong feeding, particularly if kept up, and more

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practice is hard work, and no tired, jaded man is capa,ble of

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is under the control of the heads of the departments of Theory and Prac-

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and inconclusive though correct diagnosis. Write out all prescriptions in full.]

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exercise in the fresh air. In the former there is a long his-

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the -leg, with cold water (if in hot weather) below the hock, then do up

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Bronk, Marcellus, a.b. {Cornell Univ.) 1910, Amsterdam, N. Y.

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taken out of the water it dries, and fever takes place form the drying,

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tion, the patient, a middle-aged woman, der treatment at the time of our last month's

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E. and E.I. = Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary.

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cussion of tlie specimens studied. The methods of making graphic and

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after four or five days take out the plug and see if stopped; if not'