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character and quality equivalent to similar courses in this School will be

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Ansemia is seen in ordinary fainting, fits in the human; there is loss of

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counts of matter and form this book complies fully with Kant's

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of the city of Toronto, here assembled, it would be a crime

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Treatment. —Give laxatives if you get the case in time, or an aqua

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9. Write prescriptions for the following, avoiding abbreviations

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non Temple, Allen Baines, H. J. Hamilton, J. O. Orr, A. H.

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of mucular tissue. There are two. classes in this- — one from the smooth

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ing is sometimes thick, done almost wholly by the abdominal muscles.

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house patients, and witnessing operations. In his clinical work he will

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P.B.B.H., M.G.H., B.C.H., and C.H. For a description of the fourth-year

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ity, and abortion most often associated ? To what extent and under

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-cold wind in long drives, this causing Conjunctivitis; or from caustic

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These courses will be given in the Laboratory of Surgical Research.

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now Avidely known as a war nurse, having been placed in

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tent excess of adrenalin in the blood. This excess, in turn,

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Summer Vacation, from Commencement to September 26, inclusive

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as members of the Harvard Medical School ; ""t, w Ith esta ^

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will be discussed in a later section of this report.

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in a paper of this kind, to attempt the thorough consideration of them

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acute form. The respiration is always accelerated in the acute form; and

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character of the atmosphere; that now is obsolete. It is recognized as

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mornings it was seen in the streets ; but the \ period last year 609 were reported. So, the

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tation of operative results. Limited to two men. Suitable students will be

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are also tender. The bite is located in the left axilla and is an ulcer with a mass

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which, it is better to employ the aid to convalescence, of allow-

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