fantile Leucorrhma. With an Account of, '"eTed, the counsel soon stopped the case.

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need give no alarm; it settles on the bottom of the bottle in a yellow

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Clinical and laboratory instruction will be conducted in small classes so

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Oxyuris (23 cases, 0.8 per cent) probably lies in the fact that they are

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faces? In my opinion the vice lies not in a morbid tone

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given under the direction of Dr. H. F. Hewes, with whom special ar

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mistaken for Colic, there is no harm done by this treatment, but great

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cervix witli scissors ; a scalpel should never be used to do this.

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Put your hand into the rectum and turn upward, may feel soreness; or

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Dr. W. H. Moorehouse, of London, moved a resolution

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must then diagnose between tuberculosis and malignant

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provement of general health, can restore the 4ih. That one grain of soluble extract of

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chronic one, the results of which manifest themselves indirectly in the

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after each meal. At the end of four weeks the fields of vision

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10 A.M. daily, except Saturdays, June 1 to September 30.

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in its strife and all life not be purer and stronger

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Third Year. — Four exercises a week are held in the liospital amphi-

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find hepatization in Pneumonia with it. If it confines itself to the head

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the ward and out-patient departments. Each student attends thirty-two

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herself would be harmed ; thought that people looked at and criticised

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Chisholm, H. A., B.A., Lindwood, N.S. ; Connor, E. L., Berlin ;

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head of the medical profession; what he has achieved in litera-

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The Society met at 10 o'clock A. M. | The roll was called, and thirty members

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peritonitis, the question of flushing out the abdomen is an

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mittee, mention shall be made of the fact that the work was done under a

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of the Lansdowne Lodge, S. O. E., when Dr. Young, the lodge

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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year courses offered in

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Third Year. — Instruction is given by lectures, recitations, and clinical

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Dr. Hermon Cook, of Toronto, died of pneumonia Nov.

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Dr. Coe will consult our own Canadian text book on obstetrics,

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Our genial friend, the Honorable Senator -Sullivan the Presi'

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excellent, since, on an average, ninety-four thousand street accidents a|

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time and feed on a liquid diet, as milk, so as to give the oesophagus a rest,

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who, through the medium of a Sergeant j cause of truth and science, the medical

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WILLIAM T. COUNCILMAN, M.D., Shattvck Professor of Patho-