ward, operating room, and laboratory work of the hospital. The course is
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The student will be assigned as assistant in the clinic and will take
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FRED B. LUND, M.D., Lecturer on Surgery, 527 Beacon St.
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which prevents it from really being absolutely dried up. The
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Clinical lectures given contemporaneously at the M.G.H. and B.C.H.
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strychnine. The old authors believed in bleeding; we know in this dis-
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Treatment. — For the human, soon as you see the pimple the only
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is abundant. The redness and swelling of; For the same reasons, the duration of the
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into Adelaide ward on the 21st of October. ) ing of the opening into the trachea, or had
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* Admitted in 1909 with work for tlic degree eoinpleted.
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from the decisions rendered by judges of our higher courts it is
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At the same time honest men from schools of good repute were
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quite simple — in Stomach Staggers there is no fever, no Congestion of the
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fatal, fatal. >. severe. • severe. : mild. mild. I
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cise account of the bacteria from literature, but also from per-
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the uterus, the removal in this way of any retained fragments
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Nissen, Harry Archibald, a.b. (hni.. of So. Dakota)
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library work. The student will also share in the regular work of the
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and cessation of its action. In the second case a floating rib perforated
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onlhem; another form is urinating in the sheath, may cause the sheath to
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small amount was obtained from Case 1 on a slide, and although accurate
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Richardson (M.G.H.), and Assistant Professors Nichols and Blake
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Bradford {ex officio^, Algernon Coolidge, Secretary; Robert B.
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Each candidate will, therefore, present to ^e now for the first time begins to conform
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will meet in the wards and operating rooms of the hospital.
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Lakeside Home on Toronto Island, the summer home for the
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Charles Francis Tho-p,^ -- ,.p. {Bowdoin Coll.) 1907
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Hull, Ira Butler, a.b. {Bates Coll.) 1908, Lewiston., Me.
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This little book is well printed on good paper and sub-
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animal destroyed; where an exposed one is killed, two-thirds of the vain
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or left side; make an incision large enough to insert the hand. If on the
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The virulence was irregular in Series III also. An observation made
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Professor in Medicine for nearly forty, if not more years, and
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4. What would be found in the physical examination of the heart in a
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HARRY F. HARTWELL, M.D., Fellow in Surgery, 393 Beacon St.
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