to work in the out-patient department of the Massachusetts Charitable

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were for the week ending on the 10th of ^ form. Eleven persons died of the disease

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Probably one of the most satisfactory results that has ever been

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tality ; and a low temperature an increased that class of invalids subject or predisposed

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noses in a great variety of cases. Each course limited to three men.

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Pasteur performed it very extensively in France among the sheep. E

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members was that connected with certain proposed changes in

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Appleton & Company, Publishers. Toronto : N. Morang & Co. Price,

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tenth, 1887; they found the period of incubation to be from twenty- four

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afresh with the same disease it had recovered from. In England

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or. two, or may run on for a few days and then die from dyspnoea or gar

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at one time a stethoscope which was extensively copied by in-

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do not usually find out that pneumonia is developing till the case is from

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the resignation, this morning, of Dr. E. H. ; , r ivt j- i o • l u j

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The Esculapian. A Monthly Medical 'oi ihek habit, the first being a healthy and

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Semeiology. — When the horse is taken out after a period of idleness

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instruction for six hours in the out-patient departments in the details of

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in their water or feed, rub outside with turpentine, oil.

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mittee, mention shall be made of the fact that the work was done under a

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(?) and when finally urine was passed it gave great relief. Patient

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with lumbar puncture and with the examination of the spinal fluid, blood

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in three cases, an ulcerated area of a rodent ulcer, and two

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The sharp, lancinating pains found in these conditions

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Crile, Dennis Rider W^ood,s.B. (Univ. of Wisconsin) 1914,

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Bond, Earl Danford, a.b. 1900, m.d. 1908, Waverley.

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The rule now is, and especially in this climate, not to give a laxa-

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Lectures. Professor Councilman. Daily for fourteen weeks, October,

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be freely translated thus, " It is not seemly for a free people to

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in this department, .see special announcement of courses for graduates.