tubes of radium of low activity on April 14th, 1904 ; after fif-

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other hand, those which have occurred in the Provinces of Iloilo, Samar,

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where the students are shown and examine cases of diphtheria, the acute

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To dissect the three parts of the body to the satisfaction of the demon-

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an attack. She put him to bed and kept him without food for

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(1) Elementary courses beginning at other times than October 1 and

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illustrate the simpler physiological applications of the work, special demon-

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ever been definitely reported for any other country upon a number of

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antiseptic of considerable power called Cresylone. It contains

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Graduate Courses. — For a description of the graduate courses offered

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passed out into the abdominal cavity, the animal will die in from two to

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L:r .'^t. '"'r'' '"' ^^'^^^^^1^ Embryology, and Comparative

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arc interested in special subjects, and the exce le 1 1

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the winter, it existed on the Atlantic sea coast as an Epizootic, especially

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of the Genito-Urinary System. Two Dalton scholarships, of $500 each,

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charge before enrolling in this course. Longer courses in research by

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Prof. Mc Eachran says that too much hand rubbing also causes this trou-

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37.27 per cent of infection in examining 110 children.

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system, and later, nervous prostration. During the existence of tin

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The McLean Hospital. — During the past year three hundred and

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More than one patient referred to me as a neurasthenic has

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lutn which is now in course of erection, ! tion in her efforts to promote the great cause

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at frequent intervals for correction, and they will be discussed with each

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sions as follows : " The acetone bodies are not found in the

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Many isolated observations, which seemed in some way to be intimately

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resorted to. Death occurred two days after on account of disease of the tarsal bones

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diseases of the lungs; changes in the quality and quantity of blood — seen

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mental disease will be discussed and patients exhibiting the symptoms

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graduate course, and by fulfilling all requirements for admission. These

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have been observed to take particular no- police adviser swore in his informations

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was appointed to nominate officers for the : geological chart, to the Committee of Pub-

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Case 1. — Hoan Hiet, 20 years of age, from the village of Coi-Tri (Province

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readily admits the passage of bacteria into the lymph channels.