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Hemostasia is of two kinds — Preventing and Arresting. Prevention
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Chorea. — As usually seen it is an automatic convulsive motion oi
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Loud, Norman Wiley, a.b. 1915, Colorado Springs, Colo.
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the opposite of those which characterize Addison's disease.
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they and will they be supported? We are j while professing to reform and advance our
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Drs. Migneau and Simard, of Montreal, attended the Polo
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Text-hook. — Putnam and Waterman, Studies in Neurological Diagnosis.
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adjoining room there is a collection of about ten thousand pamphlets. A
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to cases of very severe prolapse with great relaxation.
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to be suffering from typhoid fever. When I operated on her,
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work upon. During the conduct of their investigations they will receive
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After the delivery of these four excellent addresses, of which
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which have been made here in reference to the probability of variability in
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duction, metabolism and nutrition. The requirements of a certain^
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diversion of students from American to Canadian schools.
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Two cubic centimeters should be withdrawn with a sterile syringe at the
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impossible to secure a conviction as the Act now stands against
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of cases. Depending upon the size of the' animal, we adopt — first thing,
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Scott ArtJ,,,,. (-■ 11 T ,„ ^'"' Francisco. Cal.
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and ^especially the agricultural classes, must prescribe for their own
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be an exceedingly difficult matter for this city next year to
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As said before, the lacunae in the lingual tonsil, even when
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gray or yellow; the gray may run into a dirty brown, and usually indicates,
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so that the decline in the mortality would seem to be due rather to the
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of articles in many languages. The accounts in text-books and
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immigrants. On the other hand, the Chinese constantly in-
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which are too well-knoAvn to you to need repetition. The vast
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even at that early period of the Doctor's experience. I may
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for any damage done to clothing. The process of disinfection consists
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ittle morphine- be careful in giving morphine, we usually give about
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about a horse. If the horse is to r"ace next day, poultice all 'night, and
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June. There is a Christmas recess from December 28 to January 2 inclu-
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There was also prolapsus uteri; a long, thick lacerated cervix
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and opportunity to do outside work of various kinds in the city.
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Secretary of the Graduate School of Medicine, 303 Beacon St.
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as 1763, and Joseph JSTorman Bond, of Yarmouth, a veteran of
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during the years of puberty. Seven-tenths, 69.2 per cent,
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