hand or foot have been performed; they are \ others are all convalescent,
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certain selected topics preparatory for the clinical teaching. Clinical
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in the mucous membrane, and swelling of the conjunctiva closes around
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jections, it must be borne in mind that al- \ Qp QUACKERY.
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tococcus family. The treatment of this condition is active
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Section Teaching. (Ch.H., I.H., M.G.H., B.D., and S.D.B.C.H.)
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infecting station, these articles being tied up into bundles with large
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which children are sometimes affected, and j geon who first examined the girl, to say
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'ever, usually from 104 to 106, but in general about 104. If. the animal
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"To' 1 a "d'f '"i"" ''""'""^' '^^^'^'" S^"""'- Offl»« hours, from
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spots. In cases of gonorrheal conjunctivitis we sometimes get
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John Warren, M.D., Assistant Professor of Anatomy .
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with castile soap. Usually one injection is sufficient to cure a dog, but
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Association has prospered under it for six | shoots ; and before^ he end of the month, the
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uffluen reason as determined by the Faculty, he may leave his fees
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uterine douching is resorted to before the introduction of the
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Robert L. DeNormandie, M.D., Assistant in Obstetrics
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sidered the cause of truth, science, and hu- s " cram" for the defence of a prisoner, they
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reactionsfthc cla ical d . T ^ ^^"'''' *"""« '""■ ""^ inflammatory
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SCO™' """■" "" '' ''™'''' '" '"^"'■'^■''°" '" "'^ "- »f 'he ophthalmo-
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Associate Professor Sears. (B.C.H.) Twice a week, first half-year ;
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Second Year. — The course consists of lectures, laboratory work, and
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got an insight into the cause of the resemblance of the pre-
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it is likely to hang on from four to six days. The horse is liable to die
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heieafier be observed is; Had the state of j reeled that wine or brandy should be ad-
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North District Morgue and of the Massachusetts General Hospital.
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of Ha-Nam, south Tonquin), entered the hospital on May 28, 1906, for fever and
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ford, Assistant Professor Lovett, and Drs. Brackett, A. Thorndike,
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form, and has a tendency to cause death in a few hours; but when it is
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lium to rich capillary network has suggested that they furnish
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respiratory tract. Afternoons, except Friday and Saturday, in Decem-
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and seventy-five dollars, was founded in 1912 from a bequest under the
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depression, and it is greater, than the normal condition, that is, there is
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of said rest and residue (if the same shall be sufficient) two scholarships
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departments grouped in the buildings as follows: — (1) anatomy, com-
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very small, withdraw the knife a little way and change the directiou a