■Chirurgia. — From the Greek- — means Surgery.
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A special laboratory has been equipped for original research in Experi-
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lectures during the second half-year. For the practical work at tlie Massa-
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the Provincial asylums. Sometime was occupied in discussing
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l^uncture of the Bladder.— Once aver ex- ' . , 7i .u , .u
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XXX. Old, Edward H. H. A Rejwrt of Several Cases with Unusual
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animal going into such parts. Cases of "spotted" or "tick fever" like-
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The system has been to blame, not the ; of the Empress, her husband had directed
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marked drops of temperature shown by Charts B. A satisfactory diag-
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skin, (2) surgeons' hands, (3) instruments, (4) gauze sponges.
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contact with ,each other, and seem to stick together without granulation
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tion, the patient, a middle-aged woman, der treatment at the time of our last month's
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Dr. Thomas M. Allan, of Somerset, Bermuda, was married
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During the latter part of July and the month of August, 1907, quite a
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C = — From these equations it needs no proof that An-hemus* formula
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tubes and ovaries can be lifted out of their nests. Kurture
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feed or water; this cause is often seen in little children, from the fact
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parasites, particularly the protozoa and the infections produced by them.
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Periostitis. — Is inflammation of the bone covering.
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cases occur. This is frequently coumer- ' cess of 616, or about 13 per cent, over the
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bandage. L,ateral pressure is applied to the side of an artery, and may
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first place. Give a little walking exercise to relieve the standing: if a
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subsequent pregnancy and delivery. It has the advantage of
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and twenty-three patients were under treatment. Clinical instruction is
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Montreal in generous hospitality extended to visiting physi-
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surgery to the university; a lecturer and ' ing that the accused was not at the place
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bator at 37° C. and allowed to stand for twenty-four hours. The
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North District Morgue and of the Massachusetts General Hospital.
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an involuntary straining, and will force the bowels out into the inguinal
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training in the dissection of insects, in the principal methods of studying
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think it is due to the pressure of the band on the bridle; it forms a
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man you owe that much to society. If an epidemic breaks
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by falling, and not being a very strong bone is easy of fracture; cannon
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BowDTTCH Potter, M.D., Visiting Physician to the City Hospital and to
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prisoners examined at Bilibid to have Amoeba in the faeces.
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greatest where the drug has actually rested ; that its inost
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days, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout the morning. Physicians
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tion of the thyroid has been variously placed at from thirty
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had attempted to remedy the difficulty, but without success The
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dering parturition difficult or impossible till the head is crushed. As it oc-