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. In all cases the tubes containing radium were placed directly
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at all during life. The kidney, moreover, is an organ which
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are, of course, celebrated for their hospitable methods, and
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existence and in pathologic lesions was formerly generally considered to
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ticks, and as the cattle lie down they get on them, or the faeces on ' the
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of Bright's disease, of gastric ulcer or some other similar
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" A noteworthy fact is that none of the patients showed any
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caused by heart strain in this matter are illustrated.
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in other State institutions. Students will be permitted to attend staff-
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nears completion, the final volume on the heart being now in
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Oxaluria. — This is a condition of the system in which there is
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natural channels, not through the skin. Give purgatives that pass
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This fund remained as an anonymous gift until 1908, when by vote of
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verrucas were excised, sensibility returned; | of mercurials, which are often continued for
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the Theory and Practice of Physic, 252 Marlborough St.
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the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Boston City Hospital, the Carney
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effects, and assisting the system to throw it (contains much of the nutritive matter of
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larly round; usually raise up about one eighth to one fourth of an inch
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twenty-four elementary or twelve advanced students. There is a large
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four years in the Medical School, subject to the standing the recipieni
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opaque deposit, and is easily shaken up; it makes the urine cloudy.
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factors condition or modify that activity, and finally what may be the
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abnormal except that fine crackling rales were heard at the bases of
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give gelsemium or bromide potash; if very nervous, give in very small
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judgment, a sufficient sum shall have been !cle, where the liveliness of his manner, his
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Medicine. Nothnagel, Specielle Pathologic und Therapie. Fagge and
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Harold L. Amoss, M.D., Assistant in Preventive Medicine and Hygiene.
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The technique followed was the same as it was in the first instance. The amount
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body, I shall mention some of them. Of headaches, 60 to 80