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the latter, two are amputations in the thigh, a testis afTected with medullary cancer;

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dose — say in one half dr. doses every three or four hours. In less severe

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of the Boston Dispensary. The students will be assigned to the various

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MARK P. BOYD, M.D., Charles Fallen Folsom TeacKinf ""'"""' "•

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occurs is disinfected by the plague staff, the walls being sprayed with

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demonstrations, with tests, review exercises, and quizzes as required. A

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he wished to emphasize the fact that the Commission has no

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the medical officer. I did not hold any j an information in both cases, of which the

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6 weeks; then send to pasture or give good long rest. It often takes >

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Both of these resolutions were adopted by rapid relapse than operations performed

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its practical relations. The aim will be to give the student an opportunity

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swollen, weighs 2,280 grams, is 'pale-yellow in color, exceedingly soft and flabby

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little allowance, however, ought to be * Inflammation of the lungs, 444; Scarlet

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more than thirty special demonstrations. These exercises, some of which

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of the dulness in the left chest. The abdomen showed nothing abnormal.

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These results are somewhat unintelligible and the tests with peritoneal

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heifer, and she died in one of the spasms. Women under these condi-

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cheapest of all. Persons who no longer obtain the desired effect by

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October 3rd, was very highly appreciated by the teachers,

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given to remove the bodies of the parasite. The purpose of the

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piration usually produced by an irritation. There are two kinds, moist

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very mild. The Sheep- Pox often takes this Hemorrhagic form, and is usu-

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have ample and excellent opportunity for seeing practical work in the

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amoebic dysentery and acute bacillary dysentery each in 3; acute endo-

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FOSTER S. KELLOGG, M.D., Fellow in Obstetrics, 96 Bay State Road.

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left till four years old, to prevent the U shaped appearance. If an ani-

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upon personal examination. The dangers and even fatal effects

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J. Collins Warren and Dr. Henry K. Oliver were the Trustees of this

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but the horse more so than any of the others, because of high feeding and'

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argued that the impossibility of withdrawing the child's head

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ment or the various plastic operations, to the major cases treated by

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often calisthenic exercises are practised to develop the muscles

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useful. He had known very advantageous j Dj.. Nichols then read a paper by Dr.

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to minutia? which makes the nervous derelict. The general is