the cause of the trouble ? It is much more effective, and saves
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If in the quizzes and tests many students show that certain points are
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Third Year. — Instruction is given by lectures, recitations, and clinical
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give a mild laxative and soft feed; when the scab comes off and the
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In the forenoons of the second and third weeks of December, Assistant
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Hodgetts has not ffiven us a single department in this whole
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from fear and apprehension, she gave in toj quently occurred to myself, as they have to
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The .sow is operated on through the flank or median line; they are usu-
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Clinical demonstrations in connection with the above lectures. Professor
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be attributed ? To an undue amount of by all the classes before which he has tec-
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ambulatory and ward patients with the application of appropriate laboratory
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The little patient is generally pale, and : sions, a certain amount of violence (even
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or stair linings in the infected house, these are removed and compensation
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Bo£'Arlie Vernon, ..b. lo^a Uni..) ^'^'""""'' '"'■
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inflammation and little lameness in this partial Luxation in the young.
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We again observed the identical signs; i. e., the abrupt beginning and end, the
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presentation of the subject is that for the student and physi-
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the hemorrhagic pleurisy is due to a neoplasm, we make a
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on at the top, our patient eats fast and drinks a lot of water
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little or no digestion, is prompt and reliable in stim-
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may also use this library. Tlie Bursar will furnish on application the
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this advance. They gained a supremacy which they worthily
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(2) Instruction in the technique of medico-legal post-mortem examina-
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in saving the idle, the dissolute, the degenerate. There is only
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310 original illustrations,, including twenty-one plates with sixty colored
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fairly good course will be given this session. We think, how-
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Hospital. Every student must furnish his own microscope
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give a cold bath in these cases, and may be impossible. Affn-
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FRED B. LUND, M.D., Lecturer on Surgery, 529 Beacon St.
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very hard and dense, and of white tissue; when cut through, sometimes
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Wadsworth at the Free Hospital for Women, Brookline. These clinics
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Vail, Ramon Montgomery, ph.b. {Yale Univ.) 1914, Thompsonville, Conn.
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second half-year, at hours to be arranged with the instructor.
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parasites, particularly the protozoa and the infections produced by them.