clinicians of Austria and Germany, men who are well-known

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Etiology. — As seen in the human, is from uterine hemorrhage, that-

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and ^especially the agricultural classes, must prescribe for their own

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impregnation, the blue line, you may con- j his admission, treated by the warm bath and

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In these hospitals an abundant and varied clinical material is available for

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results of Original Investigations in Pathology, Bacteriology, Thera-

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it is good; bleeding, though not favored much now, might do good in this

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inoculated into rabbits and guinea pigs with negative results.

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some forms of Colic in the horse, produced by Gastritis and different

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years' standing — ^seven to be appointed by the Governor-in-

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of the lungs and hypostatic congestions may be found. The kidneys

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Sept^ 20 Saturday. Examination in Chemistry for admission.

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Practical anatomy with recitations. Three hours a day, five times a week

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■ or bran. Apply antiseptic once or twice a day, and ice poultices con-

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■ orbit making it appear very small — this often lasts for life. After

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these practices were, however, discarded a good many years

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His skin was dry. He was very pale, the pallor being decidedly yel-

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for early diagnosis and in carrying out treatment or giving advice regard-

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given at the South Department of the Boston City Hospital, where the

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tination with some degree of serum dilution, while both substances are

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sclerosed, the administration of an efficient vaso-dilator ought

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to 1 and A in width; the end of the rod is square or slightly concavf

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Treatment. — The only hope is in the early stage, by removing with

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Ulceration iuthesoft tissues ismolecular death; in the bone, necrosis;

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the air becomes cooler and cooler, respiration more frequent, and there

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Dermatology 1. Quarter-courses, forenoons, November, January, and

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and fifty dollars, was founded in 1897 by the family of the late Edward

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ical studies and treatment of cases. There is a good special library of

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The John Thomson Tatlor Scholarship, with an income of two

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