stomach, and if you find a dog vomiting and can' t keep anything down,

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lers, which don' t want the bull though riding other cows. This disease

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lycyrrhiza, digitalis and hydrastis, also tinct. of iron >4 oz., chlor.

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ratio to population had fallen from one in about 1,000 to one

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!N"ew York City, where he has for years been closely associated

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lymphatic glands in the left axilla were swollen and painful and careful exam-

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of 244 pages, with 79 engravings and a colored plate. Cloth, $1.0<) net.

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The cornea covering the Tumor is usually white. This disease is common;

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line to one inch below costal border where an indefinite edge can be

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four hours previously, whose medical attendant left her one hour after

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Ontario, belongs the distinction of having been the first hos-

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puffy, pupils equal and react, moderate Riggs' disease. No enlarged

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been unusually healthy ; the whole number may be, in this climate, when comfort is

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assignments are n^ade, except that when a student's research work .n an

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cases of labor, under supervision and instruction, to care for their patients

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frequently sneezes or blows his nose, so that the stall will be smeared

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whole can be classed under Dietetic. Generally, feeding is too bulky,

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poisons. There is , very little danger of giving too small doses or under, ;?

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is difficult and complicated, and that abortion or miscarriage

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60 in colors. Philadelphia and London : W. B. Saunders & Company,

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Laboratory and Sanitary Survey. Two hours, twice a week, second

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Rinderpest. — This is an infectious disease, and is exclusively a bovine

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charge before enrolling in this course. Longer courses in research by

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in the pathological conditions met with in death following injury, and in

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two inches in length, one fifth of which they ^ rather more than eight months by the arti-

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This is carried out by a European officer assisted by eight colored fore-

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Removal of Necrosed Bone. — Number ofj the care of Dr. Chambers, in St. Mary's

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Fred M. Spalding, M.D., Instructor in Ophthalmology.

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jrmation of a polypus in the nose or throat, and in case there is a dent

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Medical School, and of clinical exercises at the Children's and Massachu-

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ffensive pus.' In Influenza in horses, known as Pink Eye, the, eye,

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George B. Magrath, M.D., Instructor in Legal Medicine.

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Physics. A college course in experimental physics extending through the college

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raent in social life in which man and his re- j ditions of disease of the joints. If we did,

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to the Director of Scholarships on or before November 30. These