Departments of the University. In order to be admitted to a course, the

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is, a kind of partial Luxation, and is thrown back by tenotomy. Dogs

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and said a few words intelligently, but with eyes closed ; temp,

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It will be perceived that the excess of the J valent diseases in the community, and the

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solicitor, with instructions to frame a bill for presentation to

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•ases, medicate the water with carbolic acid, iodine, etc., do this two or

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iwo of the best Boston experts on the X-ray made a complete and

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cattle that came in contact with Texas cattle, or the place where they had

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in methods of opsonic-index work, witli practical application ; (<^) research

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Lectures and demonstrations. Orthopedic Surgery. Professor Brad-

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singled out, I object. I don't object to the city giving $200,000

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these examinations in a satisfactory manner, and also fulfil all the other

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Death in this series of 11 cases occurred early in the disease in

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Clinical exercises. (E. and E.I.) Every student attends six exercises,

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The Boston State Hospital. — During the past year thirteen hundred

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The academic year begins on the Thursilay following the last Wednes-

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previous residence of prisoners was taken and the infections found were

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patient departments of the Massachusetts General and Boston City

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things are lovely, ... if there be any virtue, ... let

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cholera vibrios were still living up to the next to last of the series, and

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There are no external anomalies, but the labium ma jorum of the left side shows

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Rypins, Russel Franklin, a.b. {Univ. of Minnesota) 1916, St. Paul, Minn.

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case. These exercises and clinical demonstrations in the wards are

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brother of Dr. Charles, said no man had done more to promote

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Robert W. Lovett, M.D., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery.

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Books recommended. — Lexer-Bevan, General Surgery. Mumford,

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majority of physicians of Canada in expressing the hope tha;t

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The Frederick Sheldon Fund for Travelling Fp:llowships and

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hepatic artery; also destruction of the liver as a secreting gland, or

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which we listened with mingled feelings of regret and pride —