laboratory work is mainly histopathological, dealing with the inflammatory

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feeling on the part of physicians that all instruments and

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of the Hospital and in the wards, {d^ Work in the Case-system. Short

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scarlet fever or measles, and the discrete or varioloid for

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Orthopedic Surgery, 15 min. ; Surgical Technique, 15 min. ; Surgical

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use, electricity, strychnine or atropine. Following Distemper in the dog

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be considered under the headings of nutrition, metabolism and produc-

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liseases — as Atrophy, Hypertrophy, Thrombosis, Cancer, Hydatides,

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The fourth-year elective course is planned to continue the tliird-year

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creased, and with the respiration there is a grunt; in this case you can

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make it more likely to occur, as we see New York has more cases than

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Here instruction in general Pediatrics as connected with contagious

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tion. There may be one large one, or a number of small ones. They

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Canine Distemper. — Is purely a canine disease, and resembles

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enlargement, except the Diaphragmatic. The symptoms attending Stran-

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fected areas is irregular and. up to the present time, unexplainable.

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hospital, suffering from sloughing ulceration 'foreman stated, that it was the unanimous

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a 1 1 -year old horse, that weighed twenty-eight pounds, supposed to have

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Symptoms. — Where we suppose there is chronic Congestion, the

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Dr. W. P. Caven, of Toronto, spent the month of August

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will doubtless make a very/a< meal, so that ; minated in recovery : —

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b best authors say they are synonymous. ' It has, become quite popular to

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remedy; you can give y 2 pint whisky the first dose, then 2 or 40Z. doses

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normal. Then; was no vomiting. The bowels had moved regularly.

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•Harris P. Mosher, M.D., Assistatit Professor of Laryngology and

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If no essay is considered worthy of a prize, no award will be made.

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students will be assigned to the various clinics by the Professor of Pedi-

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pain and nervousness cause him to make ' attempts to rise; he can get on

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Coughs, Bronchitis, Phthisis, Pneumonia and kindred

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fragments are directed inwards. The fragments of the fourth and fifth ribs are

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portance in these cases, and operation upon the muscles of

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the director of which. Dr. Watson L. Savage, is a medical

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We again observed the identical signs; i. e., the abrupt beginning and end, the

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tissues from the autopsy, which are studied under direction and described.

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proportion of the year's instruction. Bedside instruction and clinical

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four hours, it was then suspended in salt solution and placed in a shaking

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know how to appreciate the loss that our ; than thirty years, he filled the chair of

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cine. It is expected that each student by frequent opportunity will attain

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