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tive Council : Dr. W. P. Caven, Toronto ; Dr. A. A. McDonald,
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belly on the ice or snow; also in the horse, from heart and liver troub-
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pharmacy and materia medica, the work consisting of demonstrations and
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genesis of disease; in an endeavor to detect the first small
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A practical examination shall be given by each department. The student's
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da!; d"r."*'°" ''"'""«• ^^"'"'^ S^^o^'- Office hours^Tues:
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find the " wiry " artery. The first kind may be regarded as
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laboratory which are adequately provided with apparatus. Both the
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students, and at least half of them are women, ninety-five per
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Dr. Bruce Eiordan, of Toronto, has removed to 73 Simcoe
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tail; and the tail inoculated will become gangrened and drop off; so if
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recld of ht« e" '"'' ""'■ """^ ^'""^"^ '* '^"l""-^" '" Preserve a
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also Rheumatism, and probably the most common of all is Rheumatic
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advantage of this opportunity will be given, in case of sickness, in return
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about ten days, when it will heal. If it is necessary, clip off the hair, but
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they sneeze generally to expel some foreign substance from the nostrils;
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" Therefore, resolved, that in the opinion of the medical men
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deprive several of the hardier trees, as the [ year was 2183, while the whole number re-
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good chance of recovery, otherwise there is very little chance. On ac-
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■{ . ,„, .,.,.; bemg made to meet over the catheter, the
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disease there is an anxious countenance and more or less exhaustion;
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impinge upon the anterior surface of the uterus. The round
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efEcacy of their system. | a very ordinary and moderate success as
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other words, no medical treatment — no im- | prepared and gen\une tincture is 5 26.
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fraction of what was apparently accomplished among the Bilibid prison-
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constiiutional peculiarities. IS'ow, it is < and did not feel particularly faint whilst
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There has been established within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences a
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by a certain malady called the mal de la terre, otherwise scurvy,
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have been enabled to secure perfect success with my seventeen
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ters on Longwood Avenue. For the construction and endowment of
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imported except for medicinal purposes, our services in attending to
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surrounding the experiment." What these conditions are the author fails to
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stoppage, and this occurs most often in the abdominal cavity or region ii