degrees in medicine were conferred in 1788. Before 1811, the degree

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till relieved. After the attack is over then treat the cause. If suffering

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surgeons for the purpose of eliminating as far as possible from

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best remedy, either in the gum, powder, or tincture. The pain in the

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with the requirements established by the several departments in which

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through the blood before acting on the bowels — aloes and salines are in-

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instructor and the student, and frequently in a marked improvement in

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the first two years enables a student to concentrate his energies to a much

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tors' Association, told of an interesting experience. He devised

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M.D., London. Vice-Presidents : Dr. Alex. McPhedran, Toronto ;

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were two formed movements. There had been no blood from the rectum

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back, moderately rapid pulse and temperature, the tempera-

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FRANPT^ w P^^AT5^T^v ,. ^ ^eter Bent Brigham Hospital.

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ROBERT M. GREEN, M.D., Instructor in ZIoZ'"""''''' ^"'■

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Under this Commission research on cancer problems has been carried

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plasia of the muscular stroma and induration of the glands

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Any clew by which the authorship of a dissertation is made known to the

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is probable that if the number of samples of the latter class were to be

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attention should be directed in any amendment made."

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carried lo the dead-house. Two days after- ' stoppage of the circulation ? To our mind,

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The normal beat of the horse is from 33 to 40'.'. % > Occasionally the

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The prisoners at Bilibid showed an average of 142 infections with

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Serous Cysts on Knees of Cattle. — If just begun, open and treat

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the patient when the more usual forms of treatment had failed.

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rupture has extended into the rectum, stitch this first, then the vagina;,

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is said to be the highest on the Atlantic coast between Maine

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A thundershower occurred on the morn- J the obscure courts and dusky alleys of cities,

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death were sadly tragic. Indefinite gastric symptoms ap-

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open on the outside. After opening an abscess 'in the mouth, lower

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him. He now consulted a quack surgeon \ Now, you saw that this man's arm was

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pregnant, and, what was stranger still, could ' pers in the county; also, to the JVfiiBS and

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investigation under the direction of the heads of services and their

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nervous prostration follows. Stimulants are indicated, depletion is con-

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