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is greatly influenced by even such a slight amount. When we correct

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and opportunity to do outside work of various kinds in the city

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somewhat pale. The tongue was moist with a moderate white coat in the

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course will be trained in the histological study of the commoner diseases

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Information with regard to all forms of pecuniary aid may be obtained

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ternal point of the . ilium breaks off; this causes great lameness, but it

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Combined with the scheme was a far-seeing plan for a magnifi-

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pass the the pores of the Pasteur-Chamberland filter. Although there

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give more exercise. In the case of trotters or livery horses, usually it

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of the uterus, which normally followed her delivery.

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1 breath is very foetid. Turning up of upper lip is sign o'f Indigestion.

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operation was done during the night in a farm house. There

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fused everything, even water, during which : fatal ; 78 only were cured,

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The first step is to induce the jpatient to resolve to break up the habit,

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Hunter. William Edward, a.b. (Unin. of Ulah) 1913, A— "j^;*;^"^^ .

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to four and one-half days, and the duration of the disease to from three

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second attack; that is if good prophylactic treatment is carried out by the

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second half-year, at hours to be arranged with the instructor.

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heart showed considerable hypertrophy; the apex Avas in the

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Let us repeat once more the characteristic features of this case. First, the

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but still demonstrable. The haemolysin was completely destroyed after

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embryo and other facts of a similar nature are not emphasized in relating

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sepsis, sterilize all the genital organs with antiseptic. The best is a two

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now called dry dressing. ' The iodoform alone is too irritating, and

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In the catarrhal type of conjunctivitis we recognize two

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of the diaphragm, the bowels may pass into the chest, called Diaphrag- .

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