only through an exhaustive recourse to all measures and
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parasitic protozoa. The remainder of the course will consist in work upon
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the situation. The tired brain cell gives waj^ under this added
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Professor of Pathological Anatomy, 78 Bay State Road.
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we call an ti- phlogistic, and as we said before, is applied to a cooling off
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man notoriously goes most often without it. In fact, he often
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usually pant or show the abdominal symptoms seen in the horse; the
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After 1790 no distinctive event stands out from which we
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It is to be awarded to a needy student who shall have proven himself
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The Princeton Fellowship; with a stipend of four hundred and
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ivorably, but other times it is malignant and is inclined to extend deeply, 1 '
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their payment is required at once to cease attending lectures and using
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may be seen in Anthrax also; it is easily punctured and broken down,
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In the catarrhal type of conjunctivitis we recognize two
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able opinions las to this drug have been published in Germany
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As to the mydriatics used, two are the favorites, viz.,
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FouHh Year. — For a description of the fourth-year courses offered in
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in the center; then have an upright bar of iron to which is riveted a band
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Drs. Smith, Stewart (of Blockley), Fat- ; messenger at hand would insist on seeing
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the same time in different parts of the same bone, or even in the same
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mining the hygienic and industrial condition of the people, and to
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the inflammation locates itself in the walls of the vesicles. There is an
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disposal of human excreta. In fact it would appear scarcely too strong
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ime water,, bicarbonate soda, prepared chalk, etc. Following the use of
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sure of this opening. This was done nearly ; two cases successful, one a failure. The
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Nichols. (B.C.H.) Twelve exercises during January. 12
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records in a suitable laboratory book and make careful notes of their
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The student will be given opportunity to study the surgical material
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various parts and organs is studied, and special stress is laid on their
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within the first twenty-four hours of the attack, or if this is not
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Adequate opportunities for study will be offered for those graduates
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many years the writer has used cold affusion in delirium tre-
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made in clinical medicine, and it is to the able professors of the
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less uncultivated and the soil overgrown with underbrush, trees or weeds,
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examined, 1,272; infected, 305, or 23.97 per cent. 12
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the Massachusetts General Hospital or the Boston City Hospital. All the
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there is a medical and surgical out-patient department which is open for
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' the opening is very small, it is advisable tomake the opening larger to