three trematode genera, Paragonimus, Schistosoma and Opisthorchis,
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was most frequent, were found in 11.3 per cent, of cases: a
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a baby most of the time for 12 years, — had 7 children Avith 3 miscarriages
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The central library of the School is housed in Charles B. Porter Hall
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is covered with aseptic clothes. In practically all his operations
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frequency and fatality of uterine carcinoma, what means do you think
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6. Discuss non-operative and operative treatment of simple trans-
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especially the two former, which appeared to originate almost exclusively
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such as genera pa Lt of h"' '"' ^'" ""'*> ^^'^ ™P-'-' -««-
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Cases will be assigned for history-taking, examination, diagnosis with
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Fresident. — Dr. Benjamin S. Janney. ', quent debilitating effects, our friend finds
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I may mention one ease out of many which have come under
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his own case in the country ; in the city he would not be
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blood-letting. To the whisky you may add strychnine, atropine, etc., -
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Throughout the year. Each student attends twenty-four exer-
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In order that the time of study shall cou7it as a full year, students of
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is indebted to the generosity of Mrs. Collis P. Huntington, Messrs. J.
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through the cornea, allowing the aqueous humor to escape.
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manifest in the blood corpuscles of the rabbit even with 0.0001 gram of
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duodenalis^ Filaria hancrofti^ Taenia echinococcus^ and Plasmodium
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wounds of any kind; stings of insects, oedema of the sheath, or follow-
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and fifty dollars, was founded in 1897 by the family of the late Edward
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merous cases were then adduced by ihej Or. H. Corson, on Medical Jurisprudence,
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ectomy has taught surgeons that the intraperitoneal relations
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and cut down onto the catheter; then withdraw, and with a probe-pointed
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Hunger seems to be a feature in this case, from the fever; the flanks be-
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inflammation to extend to the cord, followed by a loss of motor power; so
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1. On finding a suspicious case of plague, notify the medical officer of
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1. The position should be the exaggerated lithotomy. Be
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of the Summer School. Most of the courses extend for one month. Stu-