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The lymphatic glands of the arm did not show the slightest modification.
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if at the beginning of his second year he has failed in three or all of the
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been published on the subject, perhaps none are to-day so con-
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disinfected by steam. By these means it is hoped to destroy the fleas,
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was by no means small, as there were registered 1,714. Our
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been thoroughly tested by the author himself, so as to assure
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patient cases. In one case apomorphine was found to quiet
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Measles more than anything else. The mild form runs a mild course and
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mild as fairly to justify the statement that the infection is harmless,
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Excision of Malignant Growths. — Num- j Coulson. The condition requiring it was
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courses are offered adapted to the student who wishes to fit himself to be
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vomiting with colic and trouble in the thorax occur in chronic cases,
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believed that this building will provide adequately for the proper treatment
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Philippines hookworm infections play a part more nearly resembling
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dent cannot present such certificates in chemistry he will be required to
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6 days, may run into Enteritis and death. By placing your ear to the
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or had any considerable duration. Another ; the same editor.— Emtor Med. News.]
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Lectures. Professor Councilman. Daily for fourteen weeks, October,
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the Law School and in the Medical School, for one or more meritorious
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serum, and unless treated in the early stages are very hard to cure. The
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Microscopic examination of the myocardium showed it to be perfectly normal.
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ness and high living, and other causes, and taken out a little; exercise causes
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known, a female Filipina, died February 16, 1906, at 1.15 p. m. Cause of death,
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shows: Small lymphocytes 20, large lymphocytes 8, polymorphonuclears 60, eosin-
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seen cases where the animal did not urinate for two weeks. The only
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the medical profession respecting scarlet S and chlorine, with gentle aperients, have
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r to oz. water; cauterize with this once every two days, for about three or
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