and usually fatal termination. Cirrhosis you can have in any gland; it

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induces sleep, and Congestion of the brain produces delirium.

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homologous; but it may be entirely dissimilar, then it is called hetero-

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sected. This work will be supplemented by the study of frozen sections,

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unquestionably feel myself bound to admit j If any one familiar with the diseases of

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Laboratory work and demonstrations will also constitute an important

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acetate of lead y 2 oz. to i pint of water, and sulphate of zinc 1 dram to

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The question as to whether the virulent factor of the hlood of animals

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avoid striking the kidneys by not going in straight, and the bladder by

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poulticing and other treatment; as the swelling leaves give little exercise,

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are being studied. Lectures are given five days in the week, the object

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During tlie afternoons of December and January two courses are

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God-speed to this class on behalf of the Faculty, has devolved

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or of any nostrum whatever. < to sight and touch in the external angle of

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oth and^th ■'""'•'"'^ "" "^ ^'™° ""P-'-'^y '" <>0-aTe thl

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333 Bloor Street West, Toronto; Dr. D. J. Gibb Wishart,

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tain paragraph credited to the Bosto7i Jour- of science.

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account for the sudden loss of virulence either by supposing that the

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the disposal of excreta customary among the Filipino people and it

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Published monthly by BLANCHARD & LEA, Philadelphia, for One Dollar

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poured into them, afterwards they are filled with broken glass and

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At their earnest solicitation, Dr. C. went J a7id Horner. — Pursuant to a call made by

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work at one or the other hospital. During May twelve surgical hours, in

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and died within fifteen minutes after the accident.

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lent than when the cause is gradually deve- < ficient.

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Mason. DENoRMANniE and Macomber. «,.:„, W 2 ye"''

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lirookline. These clinics afford ample material for a comprehensive study

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and in nine cases out of ten the nostrum is an alcoholic drink

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Doctor of Medicine was established. The first Medical School was built

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of the choke, fix a feed box for him so that he can' t eat voraciously or

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patella there is usually severe stretching or a previous relaxing of the

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action of that passes off gives iodide potash. I know one case he treated

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the primary cause is unknown, that the pathology is disputed,

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Office, Administration Building, Medical School. Office hours by

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