vegetable rather than a meat diet was given to the animals and that the

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ture and the fundamental tissues are considered first. This is followed by

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of clinical descriptive terms into their histological equivalents. The histo-

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of knowledge which have been woven into the warp and woof of

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Biochemistry 1. Half-courses, forenoons, afternoons, or all day, through-

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afford the luxury of smoking, or who have reached a condition in which

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4. Acute pelvic peritonitis: definition, pathology, symptoms, and non-

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more extensively known or more highly es- | extract some remarks from an editorial in

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This course will consist in laboratory instruction, sanitary excursions,

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II. Comparative Physiology of Muscle. Professor Porter. Three

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teen cases; July 12th, twenty-four cases; mostly confined to one section

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produces a pronounced arterial contraction. This contraction

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iological salt solution during the post-mortem examination on an animal

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necessary to cure it. In this there is no Chancre,' but in the Malignant

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ment and wards of the hospitals. Laboratory Avork is given at the

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of the Boston Dispensary. The students will be assigned to the various

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Wetherell, Bryant Davis, a.b. {Williams Coll.) 1912,

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anywhere in the world. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe.

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Benjamin Harrison Ragle, a.b. (De Pauw Univ.) 1912.

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found the internal organs — as colon, duodenum, etc., very much cauter-

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scholarships to be fixed from time to time by the said President and

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that the pimples, vesicles, and pits are smaller, but it runs the same

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harsh, mucous membranes pale, conjunctivae slightly yellow. Pupils

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grees of severity in this disease, and they are all of the same nature.

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it. In the latter stages of this trouble there will be considerable Flatu-

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the stupor often runs into coma and death. This Thrombosis partly re-

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It is an excellent work, and to quote from the preface : " The

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constitute a part of the work. Tliese courses will be given under the

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Fourth Year. — For a description of the fourth-year courses offered in

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of an asylum." And again, "so many mental diseases are

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season which would at least stop the disease for a time — that a large por-

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as Endogenous. Bacteriological research has gone far in proving there

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