There is a good special library of works in psychiatry and neurology, and

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self, provided that under no circumstances such patient comes

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known as Dermatophite, it flourishes luxuriantly. The disease is ord

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wind, others do not. Prof. Robertson being one of the former. He says

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in the Transact ioiis oi the Association. following resolution, which was unanimously

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The Frederick Sheldon Fund for Travelling Fellowships and

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In December, 1912, an Italian boy of fifteen began to have severe

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* In the year 1916-17 the fourth-year curriculum will be modified so as to require of

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tempt, much contusion of the young and f toms are equal in appearance to those now

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moderately equipped General Hospital, Such an institution

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came somewhat intimate with the chief of the out-door surgical

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likely to injure the stomach and the process of digestion. Iron

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every time; first, fever; second, formation of the Abscess and pus; third,

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at four different times. This caused the firm, fibrous scar to

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action of mixed cultures of bacteria in respect to symbiosis and when

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arrested by the pouches and folds of a lax and detached by mercurial action. Certain

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appetite and rumination is suspended; more or less .fever, may be from

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Nearly twenty years ago I urged upon the trustees of the

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vasated blood is strictly subpleural and no free blood is found on the surface

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will doubtless make a very/a< meal, so that ; minated in recovery : —

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personal contact with the patient at the bedside, and have practical ex-

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The course is designed to afford students a practical acquaintance with

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and that through imperfect cooking the organisms are not all killed, and

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Surgery 1 . Clinical Clerk Service at the Brigham Hospital. Half-

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Dr. Charles O'Reilly, of Toronto, when last heard from, was

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was held in Halifax, August 22nd to 25th, was in all respects

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Roentgenology 1. Quarter-courses, mornings, throughout the year.

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and loins often swell, hard as a board; he may lie quiet a little time, but

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correlated with the other objective instruction. The function of the

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handling; and, therefore, if such friction as , recently formed the subject of investigation

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of prosperity; but your compensation is that you are doing

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If a student withdraws from the School for part of a year for good and

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