spores detach, they are then not more than % the size of a red blood

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discharged. Each student whose dues remain unpaid on the day fixe(j

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Infirmary. The student will be instructed in the objective examination

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working on the embankment at Hoatan Suoi-Giau, young men between

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I have a specimen under the microscope for your observation.

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the brain. In some cases it may occur when the horse is not in harness,,

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some present, and by thanking you for all you have done and

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expulsive forces, what operative assistance is indicated according to

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has entered into an agreement with the President and Fellows whereby

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Secretary of the Graduate School of Medicine, 303 Beacon St.

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usually very materially increased, often double; there is a jerky motion

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Dr. Geoghegan, I determined to ofi'er bail j cufsed, and showed, as far as medical evi-

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it in several important points. The crypts are wider, deeper,

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tions, and by demonstrations of the physiological action of drugs. The

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of Surgical Pathology, and Assistant Professor of Sur-

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Fomih Year. — For a description of the fourth-year courses offered in

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Usually,' but not invariably, the hind parts are., affected, sometimes,

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HARRY A. BARNES, M.D., Assistant in Laryngology, 213 Beacon St.

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The Department of Surgery includes surgery, clinical surgery, oper-

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from external injury — as collisions, injuring the sternum, setting up in-,

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murmur is widely transmitted. Over the lower end of the sternum the?e

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in this department, see special announcement of courses for graduates.

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Reading of investigations. The reading of investigations and the discus-

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nears completion, the final volume on the heart being now in

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four years in the Medical School, subject to the standing the recipient

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N. Y. Packet, Wittenhoven, from the administration of chloroform has

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clinical investigation. These courses will be given under the direction of

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likely to present a hard fibrous surface, whose closed crypts,

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it would otherwise belong. It may be pro- \ sumption of the lungs, number 1,204 ; this

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physiology of the nervous system. The lectures introduce conceptions of

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other hand, a flabby young woman may get up in three weeks-

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Mallory, Morse, Southard, and C. Frothingham, Jr. (ex-officio).

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Semeiolo'gy.— The mare is usually unthrifty in any case, also the

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tion, and if there is a personal and selfish interest, I say it lies

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were carried on in the laboratories of the Harvard Medical School, and at

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February 4: There is no change. Leucocyte count, 3,200; no malarial para-

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Personal history. — The patient had an attack of tsutsugamushi disease at the

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Simpson, Charles Moffett, a.b. {Trinity Univ., Tex.)

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procedures for which the hospital laboratory does not furnish facilities.

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months of her apprehension, and firmly ij^j^injgtgring coloured articles of food to

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under the tail, and often when removed they develop in some Other place— -

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if at the beginning of Ms second year he has failed on all of the practical