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these regions are avoided at this time by all whose poverty does not
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together to young rabbits, a fairly typical typhoid disease was produced.
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?i'> Wounds in the Eye. — These are usually from accidents; the most
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Chemistry. The subject to be cliosen by the writer.
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but in this case never use the ammoniacal salts, as they thin the blood. ,.:'
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gestible; give gentle exercise. If treated early the kidneys will recover,
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on the floor of'the stall. The breathing in all such cases is more or "less
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Hale. One hour, three times a week, seco7id half-year. 48
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affected are paralyzed and the muscles become .twisted off to one side. :
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Course same as Medicine 5 except for shorter period.
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are dealt with by notice. The compensation in the case of Chinese is
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the character of the people. The character of the people will be
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Issued at Cambridge Station, Boston, Mass., three times each,
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Hongkong, because we are, owing to our geographical position, constantly
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forceps after several attempts. The uterus is found in tonic contrac-
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the main laboratory whi, h ' " ' *' '""^'' »"■ «"<=" » rooms axljoining
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times a day. I,ocal counter-irritants are good in certain cases, but wait
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drawings for publication. Reconstructions by both methods, and a certain
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give stimulants; give tincture of iron quite liberally; see that he gets lots
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J. A. Carveth, &Co., Limited, 434 Yonge Street, Toronto.
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both lungs are effected in the 2nd he will surely die, and if only one lung
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we must wash out thoroughly with the antiseptic and use great care in
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The degree of Doctor of Public Health is open to holders of the degree
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processes not readily observed in the laboratory the student learns with
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eases of the heart and kidneys, in tuberculosis, and in many
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affect all animals. Experiments had l)een made with dogs,
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state which is the correct treatment. In cases where there is
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to subside, the cough more prolonged and less painful, and. there is a
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the more powerful medicines. Then there are those who prac-
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'is while food-having too digestible matter in it will produce disease of the
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treatment, are now recognized as the only means of successfully
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