Registered in U.S. Pat«nt Office, Oct. 17th, 1905 **
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haler put close to his mouth, with the sponge | earthquakes, which destroyed 15,000 souls ;
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sometimes with it as a mild stimulant, then poultice over that. When
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liarity of the respiration. She had pain in j flammation, the bleeding was repeated and
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the Dublin meeting it was found necessary to divide it into
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Entirely distinct from this form is a chronic variety of
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lectures are given at the South Department of the Boston City Hospital,
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answered questions asked her by her relatives. The knee-
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That such a study was beneficial, and is even encouraging, in
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generally held by Americans that because no record exists of a micro-
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serious hypertrophy of the different tonsils subsequently takes
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short by these very agents ! It is a painful subject, and one
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of the abdominal cavity ; intestinal contents not typical of cholera ; the
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there may be a doubt of their veracity, is ■ occasionally get on the hayloft (to look
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Post-Mortem. — Feels hard and solid. There is a condensing inflam-
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the post-mortem rooms of the North District Morgue and of tirMn
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laboratory work. The lectures treat of the general subject and of methods
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particularly the sound, of running water seems to excite or aggravate the
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Assistant Professors Lothrop and Blake (B.C.H.) . Twice a
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elation. Vol. v., 23 Inlusonain Lancer ot the Mouth, - - .29
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This book was digitized by Microsoft Corporation in
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Semeiology. — There is a hoarse cough, with a free ropy saliva from
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Food seems to make absolutely no difference in his symptoms, and
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Edward Cowles, M.D., LL.D., Instructor in Mental Diseases.
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normal at birth and weighed 8 lbs. He was given a very strong modified
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As applied to the heart, always means enlargement of the organ; this
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principle you can maintain in the treatment, if they are a good size, I
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words, "anemia, general languor and debility, remarkable
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4. Discuss the composition and properties of casein.
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accomplished in this respect will, perhaps be more fully appre-
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Third-year students may apply for scholarships in January ; second-
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