eating. The discomfort is not severe and lasts but a short time For
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acetone bodies found in these conditions is smaller
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each eye. The family were opposed to operation. The patient herself
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on observations made by the students in laboratory experiments. The
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Dr. J. W. Bruce Smith, of Toronto, has been elected presi-
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Tsutsugamushi disease: Japanese river fever: flood fever: island
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than earlier in the year. Under certain circumstances students taking the ||
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July, and the nunnber was 5. It continued 'i in the 60 hours ending at noon 22d Aug.
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Baines, D. C. Meyers, E. W. Spragge, R. J. Dwyer, R. T. Noble,
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, scissors remove a section of the skin; first run a needle and silk within
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that case it should go back to hereditary, and he believes this case to be
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problems of internal medicine and surgery. Students taking this course .
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Miss I. W. Mason is Matron and Superintendent of the Hospital.
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metabolism is greatly reduced in activity. Jaundice is often seen. Re-
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ture. — Med. Times a?id Gaz. Sept. ]0,\853. 1 affections. Mr. Lawrence, in one of his
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It is a simple matter, but occasionally gives rise to other troubles that
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6. (a) Describe the method of the administration of antitoxin in
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position. He was also for a time Territorial Secretary of the
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2. Isolation. — Victims attacked by the disease are treated in the infec-
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ing pulse and respirations. She was in the hospital a month
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Brigham Hospital, the Children's Hospital, the Infants' HospitaT and the
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Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Dermatology, Sypliilis,
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which he serves as medical or surgical clinical clerk in hospital wards
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departments of the University. Full particulars in regard to these prizes
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helpless, and he goes down. During this time the muscles of the back-,
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into the intestines of animals, while pure cultures of either did not do so.
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the Nerves, including neuritis, neuromata, diseases
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covered with the growth and each was then in each instance suspended
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which the student is acquiring by his study of material than to impart
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psoas muscles, which are so close to the kidneys that the inflammation
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She was carried to another room and restorative measures
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Goodwin, Harold Merle, a.b. (Bates Coll.) 1908, Lincoln, Me.
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imeven and the general picture that of edema of the cornea,
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a considerable amount of mucus were found in the stools.
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sary, in many cases, to administer codeine in small
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days, Wednesdays, and Thursdays throughout tlie morning. Pliysiciiiii!