animals when the pasture is dry and they cannot get water.

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1900, m.d. {Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll.) 1903, Windsor, Vt.

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Clinico-pathological methods in neurology and psychiatry and allied

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horse-back ride, golf, tennis, a walk, a visit to some museum or

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Cheever, M.D., LL.D., of Boston, of the Class of 1852. It is to bJ

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For Sale by all Druggists. Sample aud full list on application.

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Both experimental and histological methods will be employed. The

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Philip H. Sylvester, M.D., Assistant in Pediatrics.

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from year to year. Overwork, worry, prolonged mental tension

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the result of approximately 1,000 examinations he found 243 cases of uncinariasis,

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JOHN HOMANS, M.\)., Assistant in Surgery, 164 Beacon St.

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