and broad ligaments, do not properly come within the range of

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Chairman of the Division of Medical Sciences of the Faculty of Arts and

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last seventeen years. His recent able address, delivered

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with local shocking, as dashing cold water on the peritoneum; this often

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2313 Washington Avenue ; San Francisco: Payot, Upham & Co., 100 Battery

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there are eruptions and Ecchymosis. We often see it following some

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amoebae were present in 39.4 per cent, but there were 46 per cent positive

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Many think that Dr. Mitchell, formerly of Enniskillen,

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Dr. J. L. Anderson, formerly of Cannington, has removed

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The Cancer Commission of Harvard University was founded in 1899,

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mous quantities of sea products in a dry or partially dry state are also

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laboratories or making use of any other privileges as a student until his

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ecchymosis — these can be seen showing through the capsule before it is

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ter, not merely for the purpose of defending ! and tolerate those quasi- professional men

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control, with the single object of procuring {subject, that the ratio of mortality, under

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operations without obscuring their purpose by unnecessary

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fundamental experiments, the study of accessory data, and the reading of

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the theoretical ground on which it is based is fallacious. In-

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C = the weight in milligrams of the agglutinable substance contained in each

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Tropical Medicine 3. Tropical Protozoology . Quarter-course, morn

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especial attention is paid to clinical therapeutics.

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No attempt is made to separate the subject of Pathology into general

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slight twitching movements were noticed for three weeks longer.

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Written and practical tests. Professor Southard and assistants. After-

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I). Crosby Greene, Jr., M.l)., Fellow in Laryngology.

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In this connection it is interesting to mention the startling results

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This course will be given at the Free Hospital for Women by Professor

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Pathology 1. Professor F. B. Mallory. Half-courses, all day or fore-

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have exercise; it tends to the elimination of the nitrogenous through the

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ing what " Doc." Brown, the dentist, and " Doc." Smith, the

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benefit to and pride of the medical profession, and a blessing to

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nowadays called Neoplastic tissue; old times it was called scar tissue, etc.

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great, weakness, the plague-like delirium, the constipation, insomnia, absence of

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