or with the poison: This has been proven by the fact that a person

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is, even though they deny the usefulness of antiseptics. The

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times called Ranula; they develop in oblong tuberous forms. It is usu-

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HARRIS P. MOSIIER, M.l)., Instructor in Anatomy, 828 Beacon St.

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11J. Atkinson, J. M. Plague Procedure in Hongkong 39

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to practise medicine, surgery, midwifery, or any other method

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details of human anatomy which the student cannot easily study for him-

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about twelve hours previously bya"trigono- j by of Franklin Square, at its S. W. corner,

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8POON Doe (A.B. 1865, M.D. 1869) was five thousand dollars. One-half

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large abscess was discovered at this time, which was immediately opened. The

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ded upon by such men — such giants — whom you may lead as

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simpler physiological applications of the Avork, special demonstrations are

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<3. A. Peters, M.B. Tor., F.R.C.S. Eng., Professor of

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B. W., female, aged 8. This patient was born in Germany

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school a degree in arts or science are admitted as candidates for the degree

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temperature indicates fever: loss of heat or lowering temperature below

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in immediate death ? Why did removal of glands in omnivora

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in graphic termsdescribed thcconsX'ciuences ; tracts attention. Frequently, however, ac-

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always mark it, " No copy. Do not repeat." Fifteen years

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2. It is desired that there shall be co-operation between

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Pathology and Morbid Anatomy— Green. Tenth American, revised from the

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sentence or device, and containing within the author's name and resi-

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EDWARD H. NICHOLS, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery.

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itated by adding alcohol to 33 per cent, and one-half of the whole amount

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important one from at least two standpoints. These can be

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to M. Boyer. This time the tumour was upon | after that clean well the cyst, and after that

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now nearly on a line with the upper arm, > ening of the extremities of the bones. The

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of tlie nose and throat. Sections are stained and mounted by the student

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old army men will tell you the same thing-^that it occurred during the

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are 100 and 350 feet. It will be observed, > is so momentary it becomes inappreciable ;

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would oftener be the victims of premature baldness. I think

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entities with special reference to the functional neuro-psychoses (Dr.

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Henry A. Christian, M.D., Hersey Professor of the Theory and

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On Fridays throughout the year afternoon work in all courses will be

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the curette. Do not use the intrauterine douche. I have fre-

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ointment. Sometimes a strong solution of corrosive sublimate is effectual,

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