good mare to a stallion that was affected with heaves, and the stallion
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ey coagulate the albuminoid in the blood and the tissues as well as the
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Patterson, Russell Hugo, s.b. (Univ. of Georgia) 1914, Athens, Ga.
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Surgery 3. Surgical Pathology . Half-courses, afternoons, December
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agglutinable substance in a constant ratio and demonstrates the influence
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proper relation between physician and patient. The status of the
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of the Association might, perhaps, consider j in our Hospitals for the Insane,
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Age At Which It Should Be Done. — In the lower aninials, as a rule,
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Anatomy S. Advanced Vertebrate Embryology. Assistant Professc
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fourth day diarrhoea and fever ceased and a slight soreness in the knees n
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oJ' ^?^ ^ number of the tendons of the wrist have been cut and
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and other material coming from the surgical clinics are made full use of
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structor this course may be taken by two additional men as a quarter-
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ach or bowels is a functional derangement of the liver, due to some ex-
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evident that some conditions must exist in this city favorable to the
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pain attending the operation; but always warn the owner that there is
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AnaUswvcnl 4kag*om&. — Fracture of tie see&nd, fourth and fifth ribs of tie
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admission to the Hospital, with the study of its history, diagnosis, progno-
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III. Physiological Conference. Professor Porti.« t^
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appeared normal. The mental state was one of abnormal ex-
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Henry A. Christian, M.D., and Francis W. Peabody, M.D., are Consult-
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candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine. In order to be admitted
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taking in with his coffee the London market or the Paris
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investigators agree that the above method is the sole means of infection.
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Northern Medical Association. — At a ; too well developed to admit of a doubt, and
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This is diagnostic — finding the different stages in the same lung at
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the Department at the Medical School. Each half-course of one month
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if he has Rabies he will die in a few days; if not, then you can judge if
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within the first twenty-four hours of the attack, or if this is not
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•quickly as they come; other times they remain for hours, days, months,
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relieved the pain and vomiting for a little.! to the influence of some preparation of lead
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conferring degrees in the Faculty of Medicine was held on
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ratory of Surgical Pathology at the Harvard Medical School. The
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result of its prolonged and continuous use. The hepatic and general
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which separates the follicles into the lymph and venous