become a member of the third class, until he has passed all the exami-
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chokes the animal. As a result of the inflammation around the larynx
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Structure and development of the eye, ear, and nasopharynx.
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blood vessels, as through these organs nutrition is carried to all parts of
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the septum lucidum broken down, making one cavity; the arachnoid is
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viduals coming from any particular part of the Islands gave an excess of
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anterior portion of the eye." — Penn. Med. Jour., May, 1005.
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scientific school of high rank, provided they present certificates (1) that
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training in the dissection of insects, in the principal methods of studying
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the leg of dogs you can use rosin or pitch as well as plaster paris; where
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Beavers, Benjamin Franklin, a.b. {Wabanh Coll.) 1913, Decatur, Ind.
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made, according to custom, of the bowel contents of all cases supposed
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jparalyzed as a result of overwork; the duodenum is usually involved.
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Dillon, Edward Saunders, a.b. (Princeton Univ.) 1911, Woodbury, N. J.
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P^I of cog-wheel breathing. Otherwise the lungs are negative as
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presiding magistrate, to be present at that j man to be guilty; but that, at all events,
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warm water; in horses, to lessen the local inflammation, wash out the
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soreness will often refuse food, will slobber in his drinking water; usually
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microscopical, and bacteriological methods used in the practice of medi-
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•'l"h.' times have not yet been ripe for the < iplete
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to him a case in the wards of the Children's Hospital for the purpose of
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Pus is ichoris when it scalds the part it flows over.
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Harvey Gushing, M.D., S.D., F.ll.C.S., Moseley Professor of Surgery.
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sents a very depressed countenance; Flatulency from acute Indigestion
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CLEAVELAND FLOYD, M.D., in Bacteriology, 246 Marlborough St.
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does it occur ? (6) Effect on the eye-ball of paralysis of the left sixth
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Students will serve as assistants to the hospital staff in the routine ward,
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be acquired in addition to that by means of drinking water. There are
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in a bottle; it never settles. Pus is often found, but unless, very plentiful
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MAYNARD LADD, M.T>., Instructor in Pediatrics, 270 Clarendon St.
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J. Collins Warren and Dr. Henry K. Oliver were the Trustees of this
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lose sight of the fact that the amoeba is altered as well as the tissue, which
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who told him that he had merely sprained the forearm at right angles with the arm,
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is in the sporadic disease. You will usually find adhering to the costal
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return to work, and we rejoice to say that we think he will be
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water, and may have no effect at all unless cold affusion is .
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corona from violence of some kind; humerus or femur do not often get
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